As long as you discover and try, you are still alive. The essence is in discovering the true essence.


Fashion Studio LE-TE is officially launched in 2006. The unofficial beginnings are since 1996 where the DEEP story begins. LE-TE penetrates with a different approach to the realization of the client’s wishes. It creates a retrograde compromise between various techniques to meet the needs. The content for successful realization is a mix of construction and deconstruction of the clothes by draping the client himself and a mix of different embroidery and similar techniques. The specificity as the epithet of a compromise is the importance of appearance in parallel to both the woman and the man, and of course the smallest ones. For the spectrum to be full there is the presence of all kinds of materials.

LE-TE with its team and co-workers successfully responds to the challenges when it comes to design, styling, small series, prototypes and templates, modeling and draping, from sketch to realization and hand embroidery. In the history of LE-TE there are many recorded experiences and satisfied customers who have given their trust carried from the experiences of the previous clients. Now the LE-TE team is ready for new horizons where it will aspire to answers to a larger spectrum of diversity.

Katerina Tosheva

During my high school education as a clothing constructor, I haven’t officially started my first fashion studio. In 2006 the fashion studio LE-TE officially started with its work. All these years of hardworking, exploring, learning by myself and invaluable experience, in 2018 I decided to upgrade it by visiting the academy Dzolev and the ArtsSEAVUS where I got a diploma as a fashion designer.




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