Zero is not a value that always indicates nothing-to get to a product zero, it is calculated with values

The motive for any valuation in life starts back in the early years. I recall my wounds when I was six to eight years old. My sister had a doll and I also had one, and they stood in the closet but we could not take them and play with them all the time. Most often we could look at them from afar. I can`t say for sure if this is right, but I can say that it gave me a huge force of perseverance and persistence in realizing the ideals. In fact, it was not a challenge for me to pick up the doll and to play with her, but I wanted to take off her dress. I turned it over and looked at how it was done, which irritated my mother very much. And even more annoyed her that I was doing it to my sister’s doll. After all, it was my mother’s hobby to make a piece of clothes and there were always some debris from materials. I used every moment when she wasn`t looking at me to take out the pieces that I hid under the armchair and to undress and dress the doll in them, the way I wanted to look. It was so until the moment she realized it and decided to give us the dolls to do what we want with them. And now here is a crucial moment, it is no longer invitingly to you because it’s available. But everything started from here. I was 12 years old when I took a piece of material and from it I developed a trendy hair clamp because I could not buy it. I made it from a piece that remained. When they saw me at school, they freaked out because no one had such a clamp, it was a unique design of the material. The material and the color were repeatedly trendy, but in my case it was the opposite. They asked me where it was from, and I read in their eyes an expected response that someone brought it from abroad but they received an unexpected and honest answer that I made it. A day or two they were calmed and then they asked me to make them a unique clamp. Of course, I made them and I charged them. Then I made a pencil case and this is how I started I earn a pocket money. At that time, I did something for which I was not aware of myself. Wide coats were in trend, and carried away by the desire to have one, and I tried to make it myself. We had several pieces of cloth in two shades of purple and rosy of debris. I did not have any schema. I took a coat from my mother and I draw the pieces, and for the hood I used my raincoat. I lowered the pieces of the coat and I increased the hood part – it is something like making a jigsaw puzzle by yourself. I joined the parts and stamped out the excesses. But the moment for buttons came in the end. I could not afford it, so I got the idea to made them myself. I made a string from the cloth and wrapped it in a circle like a snail. I sewed it by hand. Because I didn`t know to make by hand I did button cord instead of them. Unconsciously I made a unique coat. That’s my initial value from zero.

And of course, it does not end there.
In short, everything comes down to persistence and endurance, but most of the sincerity backed by honesty.
Today I am working that profession, actively for more than twenty years, serving and satisfying my clients. Maybe I did not find myself in the million dollar sums, but I found myself in the sincere smiles in front of the mirror.
Always higher is the value from zero while calculating whether it is really zero…